The Ojai School of herbal Studies

Have you dreamed of learning more about medicinal herbs? Not just the piecemeal knowledge you can pick up from a couple books or websites, or even from a few conversations with herbalists, but real, in-depth, experiential learning? Have you wanted to find the kind of course that would give you a serious foundation in herbal studies—an extensive and practical knowledge of medicinal herbs, including their preparations, uses, history, and cultivation?

Now you can realize that dream.

With the next program beginning in October 2019, The Ojai School of Herbal Studies offers courses in the foundations of medicinal herbal studies. The 352-hour Comprehensive Course meets one weekend a month for 22 months and provides:

  • A vigorous foundational course in herbal medicine, and in-depth education on how to use herbs safely and effectively, including terminology, anatomy and physiology.

  • Access to Earth Island Herbs’ beautiful medicinal herb garden, nestled in Ojai’s East End at the foot of the Topa Topa mountains.

  • Tools for determining what herbs best support specific issues in various body systems.

  • Detailed knowledge of herbal materia medica of 75+ herbs.

  • Preparation methods for making tinctures, salves, lotions, etc.

  • Cultivation—requirements, pruning, harvesting, compost/green manure, irrigation, and pest management.

  • Diet, exercise, stress management and lifestyle support.

  • Thorough grounding in the cultural and historical context of herbs for health.

  • Empowerment in personal and community health.

  • Clinician skills necessary for practice. 


Carol Wade has been practicing as a professional herbalist and nutritional counselor for over 20 years, and is a Registered Herbalist with the American Herbalists Guild. A highly experienced, knowledgable and warm teacher, Carol truly enjoys sharing her deep understanding of herbs with students and guiding them as they embark upon their own journey in herbal living.

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The course is 352 hours total, and classes meet one weekend per month for 22 months. The next 22 month class begins in October 2019 and ends in September 2021. Classes will be held one weekend a month, eight hours each day.


Oct. 10th & 11th

Nov. 14th & 15th

Dec. 12th & 13th


Jan. 16th & 17th

Feb. 13th & 14th

Mar. 13th & 14th

Apr. 17th & 18th

May 15th & 16th

Jun. 12th & 13th

No Class in Jul.

Aug. 21st & 22nd

Sep. 25th & 26th


Oct. 19th & 20th

Nov. 16th & 17th

Dec. 14th & 15th


Jan. 18th & 19th

Feb. 15th & 16th

Mar. 21st & 22nd

Apr. 18th & 19th

May 16th & 17th

Jun. 13th & 14th

Jul. 25th & 26th

No Class in Aug.

Sep. 19th & 20th



Classes will take place in Ojai, both at the Earth Island Medicinal Herb Garden and the adjacent Krishnamurti Foundation of America campus.

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Course tuition is paid in installments of $300 per session (one weekend a month). A nonrefundable materials fee of $500 is due upon registration, to offset the cost of materials over the course of the program.* Tuition covers all remaining materials, instruction, and facilities, including Earth Island Herbs’ full-sized herbal specimen garden. 

Room & board not included. However, healthy refreshments will be provided each day.

*If preferred, the materials fee can be paid in two installments of $250.

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You can register below, or contact Carol at 805-646-0693 or

Refund Policy: 

Due to the layered progression of the course, new students cannot be added after the first class weekend, and so unfortunately no refunds can be given once the course has begun.